13 Information Compliance and IT Compliance Blogs To Keep You Safe

They say that being sued is a sure sign that your company is starting to become successful. If your company hasn’t been taken to court yet, it’s only a matter of time. And in order to keep legal costs down while ensuring your chances of success, you need to keep yourself informed on your IT compliance obligations.

Below, I’ve included a few of the best information law blogs that will keep you up-to-date on potential threats and obligations.

  1. hipaacompliancejournal.com – Covering emerging trends and common questions relating to medical information compliance since 2005.
  2. compliancebuilding.com – Doug Cornelius is an expert on legal and ethical issues relating to IT, with a special focus on the real-estate industry.
  3. legaltimes.typepad.com – A law blog focusing on Washington DC. Also offers their own iPhone app.
  4. ediscoverylaw.com – This blog is run by the K&L Gates law firm, and they focus on electronic discovery for courtroom disclosures. The firm is very large, with over 2000 lawyers.
  5. eddblogonline.blogspot.com – A blog run by Jeffery Fehrman and Bob Krantz. They’ve been covering various information compliance issues such as cloud computing, social media, digital forensics and more.
  6. e-discoveryteam.com – Ralph Losey has been involved with Law and Technology since the late 1970s, and has a very strong understanding of ediscovery and its related challenges.
  7. ediscoveryconsulting.blogspot.com – Charles Skamser is CEO of eDiscovery Solutions Group, and is a strong believer in using SaaS to help with information compliance.
  8. hipaablog.com – All about Medical Privacy and HIPAA compliance. Part of the NinerNiner blog network.
  9. www.emrandhipaa.com – An open forum for HIT, EMR, HIPAA and EHR.
  10. blog.privacylawyer.ca – A Canadian blog that focuses on PIPEDA and Canadian information compliance
  11. www.soxfirst.com – All about accounting, ethics, executive pay, and other areas related to SOX compliance.
  12. www.big4guy.com – A business blog about Ernst & Young, KPMG, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Delloitte.
  13. soxresource.com – A lesser-known site with lots of great information about SOX 404 compliance.

Those are my lucky 13 pics to help keep you out of trouble.