Top 25 Enterprise Online Backup Solutions for Business Cloud Data Protection

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Online backup isn’t just for laptops anymore. The best modern enterprise cloud backup services are able to deliver complete backup & DR functionality for multi-platform server environments with data sizes up to 100TB and beyond.

Here’s a quick checklist of what to look for:

1. Performance – Performance is the Achilles heel of practical cloud backup in the real world. Test performance in your environment, the biggest mistake is to buy without trying.
2. Cost – Evaluations of cloud backup cost work best when the total costs are compared, not only the “teaser” price per-GB-per-month.
3. Security – Checking that data is encrypted in flight and at rest in the data center. Also look for audited data handling standards like SSAE-16.
4. Local backup capability – This is an obvious part of enterprise backup, a must have.
5. VM and Physical server backup capability – To be considered among the best enterprise backup solutions, a product should be able to backup both server types.
6. Disaster Recovery – This is why offsite backup is done in the first place. Best practice is to evaluate recovery performance during a trial period.
7. Archiving – Not the most critical component but large amounts of company data are never accessed, and storing it offsite frees up primary storage.

Below, I’ve made a list of what I consider to be the 25 most important backup services for business-class server backup.

    Affordable enterprise-grade cloud backup, that’s faster than anything else out there, with backup stated backup speed up to 5TB a day. Includes online & local backup software, disaster recovery functionality, cloud storage, and plug-ins for SQL, Exchange, VMware, Hyper-V and NetApp servers.
  2. MozyPro
    The business-class counterpart to one of the world’s most popular low-cost backup solutions. Backing from EMC is a major plus or negative depending who you are.
  3. CrashPlan
    Offering both free and enterprise backup solutions with support for VMware, Sun, Linux, Windows and Mac. Large enterprises have had good results for endpoint backup, less so for servers.
  4. EVault
    Online backup backed by a strong name, and trusted by a broad client base.
  5. IDrive
    Pricing and support is well reviewed, but “1TB per week” is too slow for even small enterprises.
  6. Carbonite
    Very popular with consumers for home backup, Carbonite’s server backup pricing is low, but performance is slow at “up to 100GB.”
  7. DataBarracks
    Serious business backup service with support for many different operating systems.
  8. AmeriVault
    Enterprise online backup from Venyu, helping to maximize both data protection and availability.
  9. Novosoft Remote Backup
    Online cloud backup that is easy, affordable, secure and practical. They also offer your first 5 GB for free.
  10. SecurStore
    An industry-certified leader in cloud backup and corporate disaster recovery.
  11. LiveVault
    Iron Mountain’s entry into the business online backup market.
  12. BackupMyInfo
    Online backup from a talented and diverse group of entrepreneurs.
    Helping ensure that your company is thoroughly prepared for even the most menacing of data disasters.
  14. GlobalDataVault
    Advanced, full-featured backup service provider with a special focus on compliance.
  15. Backup-Technology
    A rapidly-growing innovator which has been providing online backup since 2005.
  16. Intronis
    Fast, secure online backup with an established partner network.
  17. StorageGuardian
    Award-winning backup provider, recommended by VARs for over 10 years.
  18. CentralDataBank
    A trade-only cloud backup provider, built on a network of over 50 independent reseller partners.
  19. Storagepipe
    The Canadian leader in online backup to the cloud, with a broad presence in the blogosphere.
  20. OpenDrive
    Business backup with additional services built in, such as file storage, synching and sharing.
  21. Yotta280
    Years of experience in providing scalable data protection to companies of many different sizes.
  22. DataProtection
    Fast, reliable premium backup company that offers world-class support at no extra charge.
  23. RemoteDataBackups
    A premium data protection provider that offers a free product trial. They have a long list of clients and testimonials available.
  24. DriveHQ
    Offering both cloud storage and IT services in the cloud, for a higher level of service.
  25. OnCoreIT
    Pure backup for service providers, businesses and individuals.

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