7 Reasons to Dump Your External Hard Drive For NAS

Too often, people will confuse NAS with external hard drives. However, NAS is much more than just a storage device. It’s more like a like SUPER-INTELLIGENT external hard drives on STEROIDS.


If you’ve been using an external hard drive to store your data, here are some reasons you might want to switch to a NAS device.

  • NAS devices support gigabit networks, which are much faster than USB cables. This comes in handy when you need to upload or download large files.
  • NAS devices are software-independent. You can use it on Windows, Mac, Linux or any other operating system without having to worry about compatibility issues.
  • Instead of the low-cost consumer disks used in most external hard drives, NAS devices use more reliable high-end hard drives that are arranged in RAID formation. This means that a single drive can crash without losing any data.
  • NAS devices are built for data protection, and have built-in tools for backup automation. You can even set up another NAS device at a remote location and have your system backed up over the internet!
  • Once your external hard drive fills up, you need to buy a new one. But NAS boxes are designed so that storage can be quickly and easily upgraded.
  • NAS devices allow you to securely share information across your network, and even assign storage space to different users based on security rules that you put in place. You can even access your data from the NAS from the Internet while on the road.
  • A NAS can act as the hub of your network, without having to invest in expensive server software.

Trust me. Once you’ve tried NAS, you’ll ditch that wimpy external hard drive and never look back.