Enterprise Features is all about business computing. We wanted to present enterprise technology using simple words… in such a way that it could be easily understood by relatively non-technical people.

The web already has enough blogs about consumer-oriented technology. Enterprise Features wants to show you the exciting trends emerging in technology’s “Big Leagues”.

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Privacy Policy

I track traffic details using Google Analytics. I also have embedded ads from third-party services that collect traffic and cookie information. If you want to sign up for a service through a link on this site, please read the third-party privacy policy on the landing page before signing up.

Also, I may occasionally partner with other blogs or companies in order to present high-value offerings or information to my readers… in such a way that I may stand to gain financially from the publication of said information. In such cases, I will always put the editorial quality of the content and the honesty of the expressed opinions above all other factors in my considerations.


Article Submission Guidelines

My audience mainly consists of business managers, IT decision makers and other IT professionals. I’m always open to content which appeals to this audience.

If you’d like to submit an article, it should be at least 700 words in length and free of typos. It should be information-dense, and non-promotional.

The author will get a promotional blurb at the end of the article, with a link back to their site.

I particularly like content which is entertaining, highly opinionated or controversial. I also like content which could be considered linkbait.

If you have any doubts about whether your proposed topic would qualify for inclusion, please contact me in advance before writing the piece.