Cloud Backup Comparison – Vs. MozyPro

mozypro vs - cloud backup speed test

In a study commissioned by, Mediatronics analyst Logan G. Harbaugh tested the cloud backup speeds of and MozyPro for Business, and found staggering differences between the two solutions. Before we dig further into the test, let us explain who these companies are, and what solutions they provide.

What is Mozy?

Mozy was established in 2005 by its parent company Berkeley Data Systems (by founder and CEO Josh Coates) as an unlimited consumer online backup solution. By the time it was sold to EMC in September 2007 for $76 million, Mozy had over 300,000 customers, including over 8,000 business contracts. EMC kept the Mozy brand; and for a while moved it into a newly created division called Decho. However, the Decho name disappeared shortly due to lack of marketing activities, and as a result Mozy was put under the EMC umbrella. Recently, EMC further developed its Mozy solution into MozyPro, a business version of Mozy.

What is was founded in 2009 by a group of industry veterans, and aims to provide enterprise-focused cloud data backup, archiving and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) without the use of appliances. The privately-held company currently counts over 1,500 customers. targets business customers with enterprise-oriented features like built-in WAN optimization, expanded support for Exchange and SQL servers and VHD recovery for BMR-like scenarios.

Where is the Bottleneck Today?

Internet connection speeds from ISPs have been increasing steadily over the past few years. A decade ago, the bottleneck for cloud backup solutions was that the ISP speed was not fast enough to handle the backup and recovery traffic. Now, this issue has been reversed. Internet connectivity is faster than ever, but some cloud backup solutions have not kept pace with speed technologies. So, the need to test speed for comparison arises.

Mediatronics Test Methodology

An initial 490 GB of data was used to perform a full backup. An image backup of the data drive was created on both systems, then 25 GB of files were changed, representing a 5% data change rate, and an incremental backup was created on both systems.

Testing Time and Machine

The test was done between March 19, 2015 and April 7, 2015; and according to Mediatronics was performed on a “Windows 8.1 Pro PC with an Intel Core i7-5820K CPU, running at 3.33 GHz, 16 GB of RAM, 256 GB Samsung 850 SSD OS drive, 1 TB Samsung 850 SSD data drive, and Intel I211 gigabit Ethernet, connected to a gigabit switch, which was connected to a 10 Gbit fiber Internet connection provided by Level3 Communications.”

Test Results Summary’s full backup (2 hours, 56 minutes) was 40X faster than MozyPro’s (116 hours, 48 minutes). The incremental backup with (1 hour, 7 minutes) was 9X faster than the incremental backup with MozyPro (11 hours, 19 minutes).

Both and MozyPro offer 500 GB of data at approximately the same cost (MozyPro at $190 per month, or $174 per month if paid for a year in advance; at $175 per month). Both and MozyPro also offer seeding service, in which an initial backup is be made to disk, which is then shipped to the cloud backup service provider to create an initial backup in the cloud.