CloudAlloy Breaks Files and Docs in to Many Pieces and Stores them Encrypted in the Cloud

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CloudAlloy has come up with an innovative solution to help improve security issues in the cloud. It has become apparent that Cloud security is a number one priority to both consumers and enterprises. So, how secure is your off-site data, how confident are you that your corporate data is not compromised?

Vinay Purohit, founder at CloudAlloy says it’s a simple concept. You just split the document into pieces, encrypt those pieces and then pull the document back together on your device. By breaking these documents into pieces, it makes it very difficult for hackers to put them back together, but he says, “the encryption makes it bullet proof.”

Breaking Files into Many Pieces with Encryption
CloudAlloy’s solution is creative in the fact that it not only breaks a file into several pieces by spreading them in the cloud, but also keeps those broken pieces encrypted. The files are put back together when one downloads them.

The service has not gone mainstream yet; presently CloudAlloy works with only four storage solutions: Amazon S3, Google, Microsoft, and HP.

Number of Services Used
Even though CloudAlloy works using only one cloud account, it is recommended that one uses two or more accounts so that the files can be broken and stored in many other sites. The more cloud services you use, the more secure your data will be.

Restoring a File
Recalling a file is a simple process. In fact, CloudAlloy claims that it will be faster than calling a file from a single source. However, you need to remember that all services that your data has been stored in, must be running at the time you restore the file.

When Cloud Services are not Available
There are times when one or multiple number of cloud storage services you are using might be down. As a result, a portion of the file might not be available. In this case CloudAlloy says, “store a bit of extra information with each piece they distribute to a cloud service, so they can still put it back together even when a cloud services stops working. If two services were to go down, CloudAlloy would offer a plan to let you get it back, but it would require additional fees to have this level of service.”

Not a New Concept
The concept of storing files in a third party space is not new. BuddyBackup lets you back up your files to your friends, family and colleagues’ computers for free. Symform allows you to get free cloud storage when you allocate unused space on your device. A user gets 1 GB of free space for every 2 GB contributed. However, what differentiates CloudAlloy is the fact that it is using cloud services to break up and distribute files for secure storage. Only time will tell if CloudAlloys gets worldwide traction, and we will keep an eye on it.

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