Data Consolidation Facts

Data consolidation is an important process that is used to summarize large quantities of information. On a regular basis, the respective information is to be found in the form of spreadsheets encompassed into larger worksheets. Computers are involved in the data consolidation process, and Microsoft’s Excel is one of the most popular tools of choice. Data consolidation is done at an automated basis with the help of the tools that are incorporated within the program.

What Is Data Consolidation?

Briefly put, data consolidation refers to the use of several data cells originating from a spreadsheet and compiling the cells into a different sheet. The process does an excellent job at aiding computer users personally and manually record individual data cells from particular reference points, then entering them into various other places using a brand new spreadsheet. This way, the formatting, re-organization, and re-arranging of huge amounts of information can be considerably simplified.

Data consolidation programs require certain conditions to be met by the spreadsheets and files whose data needs to be consolidated. First of all, each of the large worksheets has to share the same information range while analyzed in both of its axis. This requirement is going to aid the data consolidation computer program to complete complex calculus; the calculations are meant to determine the way each data cell corresponds with the data belonging to other worksheets or pages. Once the process will be completed, the computer program is going to create a brand new worksheet that is going to set up a summary of all the data belonging to the respective worksheets.

Frequent Data Consolidation Users

Usually, data consolidation is use in a wide array of fields for a more efficient organization of employee’s work. Data consolidation is also a process that can bring considerable improvements to one’s proficiency levels. Physicians normally use data consolidation to keep records and tracks of their patients and treatment schemes. Teachers can make full use of data consolidation to create fast summaries of their students’ grades, test, projects, or assignments. Retailers can also find great use in data consolidation when needing to track down the stores or the items of merchandise that are creating the largest profits and so on. Needless to say this is not an exhaustive list of all of the practical applications of data consolidation.

Therefore, there are also a large number of people who are willing to pay in exchange for such services. Data consolidation software is also available for purchase. The particularity of these applications is the fact that they are not fully automated. They are completed with the help of several worksheets ran in several formats/programs. The presence of an individual who manually needs to summarize data at the time spreadsheets do not meet the previously established requirements is often times necessary.

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