Enterprise Cloud Backup Review: Zetta

zetta.net - cloud backup and disaster recovery

Zetta has been in the enterprise cloud backup business since 2009 and the latest version of their Data Protection product offers a “3-in-1” server backup solution, combining backup, disaster recovery, and archiving. Zetta’s solution is currently the #1 ranked solution on our list of the top 25 enterprise cloud backup solutions, and here’s why:

1. Speed – Zetta’s backup performance is faster than any solution we’ve tested, and the company claims to have customers that have recovered up to 5TB in a 24 hour period.

2. No Appliance – Many well regarded hybrid-cloud backup products are based on a PBBA, or purpose built backup appliance. It’s EF’s opinion that these solutions, while great for on-premise backup, are limited in offsite backup capabilities.

3. Pricing – Capacity based pricing (paying per GB or TB of backup storage used) strikes us a better deal for most organizations. Since most backup admins would prefer a single backup solution for servers and endpoints, it’s cheaper than paying for software licenses per computer. Also for deployments that include multiple remote offices, Zetta’s hardware-free solution avoids the cost of multiple PBBAs. Zetta’s pricing is all-inclusive (software, storage, and support).

Another reason we like Zetta’s solution is that it enables backup for both physical and virtual servers, with plug-ins available for Hyper-V, VMware, and Xen, in addition to the more standard physical SQL & Exchange servers. This is a key feature since the recent trend of separate backup solutions for physical and virtual servers has a tendency to increase overall costs and complicate backup processes even further.

Zetta also offers local backup in addition to their cloud-based snapshot and replication, allowing for faster recovery of large database or VM files, for example. In short, we like Zetta’s cloud backup solution because it provides local, offsite and remote backup without the need for new hardware or portable media – eliminating travel time to and from your remote offices.

We’ll continue trying backup solutions and reworking the top 25 list, but for now Zetta is the Enterprise Features #1.

What enterprise cloud backup solution do you consider the best? Leave your thoughts in the comments.