Most Popular Types of SaaS and Cloud Software

It’s really pretty amazing how far cloud computing has come in such a short time. Today, you can get just about any type of enterprise system on a pay-as-you-go basis, without having to buy and maintain any bulky hardware.

Just to show you how much variety there is to be had in the cloud market space, I’ve put together a short listing of all the most common different SaaS applications that are now available to businesses.

  • CRM Software – Manage customer information, automate marketing, and track sales through the pipeline.
  • ERP Software – Improve process efficiency and empower information sharing across the organization, while giving management better insight into workflow and productivity.
  • Accounting Software – Since finance is the “language of business”, you want to make sure your “grammar and spelling” are perfect. SaaS accounting software helps you keep your finances organized and properly tracked, without needing a finance degree.
  • Project Management Software – Track scope, requirements, progress, changes, communications and deadlines to ensure projects get completed in the shortest possible time while meeting stakeholder requirements.
  • Email Marketing Software – Automate email marketing and relationship building, while optimizing message delivery.
  • Billing and Invoicing Software  – Safe time and improve customer satisfaction by automate billing and invoicing in order to provide customers with self-service payment options, reducing data entry costs, and eliminating expensive errors.
  • Collaboration Software – Simplify communications across the organization, prevent information silos, and empower employees to follow complex interactions more easily. A good collaboration system allows for more effective communications and a more productive enterprise.
  • Web Hosting and Ecommerce – Everything you need to do business on the Internet. This includes web hosting, CMS systems, Message Boards, Shopping Carts and more.
  • HR Software – Track employee hours, hire more intelligently, schedule more effectively, automate payroll, and manage every other aspect of your human resources management.
  • Public Sector, Compliance and EDI – Certain industries have standardized rules that must be strictly followed by all parties. Thankfully, you can leverage cloud applications to simplify inter-organizational communications and ensure that you’re following the rules.
  • Vertical Applications – Everything you need to operate a photography studio, martial arts dojo, real-estate firm, law office, medical practice, or just about any other business. Every industry has its own management applications, designed to optimize productivity and profitability.
  • Transaction Processing – Accept credit cards, process bank transfers, keep a tab, publish and track coupons, barter or even run a loyalty rewards program. Cloud software offers unlimited ways to accept payment for your products.

Am I leaving anything out? Leave a comment below and let me know.

One thought on “Most Popular Types of SaaS and Cloud Software

  1. Lirik

    Insightful read. I do not think you have left out something here. This list of yours is pretty much crammed up! The most used I think is that of CRM Software, Accounting Software, HR Software and Web Hosting and Ecommerce. I think a big chunk of SaaS users come from that in the corporate world.

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