Pros & Cons Of Cloud Storage

Businesses are definitely moving more towards the cloud for their business needs, especially for data storage. The cloud platform offers convenient and efficient access to storage space, which would otherwise have been difficult for any business to mobilize. However, as with any other technology, the cloud is not without its own set of disadvantages. Before opting for this technology, it is important to understand the pros and cons of storing data in the cloud.

Pros of cloud storage

  • Cost effective: The biggest advantage in favor of outsourcing your data storage needs to cloud hosting service providers is that you save a lot of money. With cloud services, you can avoid investing in expensive storage equipment and you save money by not having to hire specialists to maintain your data and equipment. Moreover, you also free up your existing resources to concentrate on growing your business.
  • Convenient and easily accessible: Businesses can enjoy extremely convenient and easily accessible storage solutions which were not possible with traditional solutions. In other words, you do not have to go through the trouble of creating or maintaining storage space for your data. Moreover, you can access your data, even when on the move, and from anywhere.
  • Quick recovery: When you opt for a certified data center, you can rest assured that your data is safe against any disaster. Cloud disaster recovery plans are very intricate and are often designed to have impressive recovery time objectives (RTO).

Cons of cloud storage

  • Security concerns: While everything is definitely advantageous with cloud hosting services, the most important concern is that of data security. Given that you are sharing space with other companies and that you have less control over who accesses your data, security could be a concern for those looking into cloud storage for the first time. However, when you choose a certified data center with a private cloud solution, you can rest assured of complete security of your data.
  • Bandwidth limitations: Another disadvantage is the bandwidth you get allotted for your data. You can overcome this problem by choosing a cloud hosting company that gives you close to unlimited bandwidth.

Despite the disadvantages of cloud storage, it is still the best and most cost effective way to ensure that your data is stored conveniently. Of course, it is important to choose a good cloud storage provider that meets all of your business needs.

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