The Cloud Saved My Life Today

So there I was, ready for a busy day of work. When suddenly… paf! My whole system went down, wiping out my hard-drive. I was in a big rush, and I didn’t have time for problems like this.

It could’ve been much worse. But thankfully, I use SaaS software for just about every area of my business.

  • My email is through Gmail
  • I use Google Docs for writing and spreadsheets
  • I back up all of my data online with an automated backup service
  • My CRM is web-based
  • I write the Enterprise Features blog using WordPress

All I had to do was swap my machine for an old junker I had lying around, and I was back in business again within minuted.

My personal life, however, did not fare so well. I had a number of entertainment, graphic design, gaming, programming, system tools and miscellaneous programs sitting on my hard drive that needed to be fully installed. It took me over 4 hours to reload windows, download & install each program again, and reconfigure the settings to the way they were before.

How much would it cost you if one of your employees were taken out of commission for 4 hours when they had an important deadline coming up? How would your business be affected if a virus knocked out every machine in your company, and you had to wait several days for every individual laptop and desktop to be reconfigured again?

Say what you want about the threats of working in the cloud, but I just find it so incredibly convenient.

SaaS is awesome!