The Problem Of Under-Utilized Servers

You can typically expect about 8:1 to 10:1 consolidation rate. This means that you can replace 8 different physical servers using just once box. At this rate, your server usage goes from around 5% to as much as 50% or 60%.

Older datacenters are quickly becoming obsolete because they weren’t built around today’s technology requirements. Older servers were much larger and produced heat like an electric blanket. Modern blade servers however, are much more compact & efficient and produce energy like a jet engine. This is complicated by the fact that equally robust cooling systems are now required to dissipate this heat.

The same infrastructure that might’ve powered an entire server room 10 years ago might only be able to support about half of that floor space with today’s equipment.

Another problem with server under-utilization is total cost of ownership. With every new piece of equipment, you are adding more work for your IT staff. By maximizing server utilization, you can minimize the number of physical boxes that must be managed, maintained, upgraded and backed up. This way, you can free up IT resources for more productive areas of the business.

This is why it’s not uncommon for companies to save 50% or more when they switch over to virtualized systems. Since workload is consolidated to a smaller number of servers, management and power costs are significantly reduced.

Before you look into hiring new IT personnel or upgrading your datacenter facilities, you may want to look into the synergies offered by consolidating your existing systems.