Top 17 Virtual Private Network Providers and VPN Services

With the sudden recent growth in the adoption of mobile computing and wireless networking, companies need to be extra-aggressive when it comes to securing the online interactions of their employees.

This means there is an increased need to hide their online profiles, and encrypt their data transmissions. All it takes is one nosy hacker in an airport, hotel or coffee shop to land your company in serious trouble.

So make sure that all of your employees are protected online, using a secure Virtual Private Network service. Below, I’ve included a list of the top names in the VPN market.

  1. VPN Authority
    Unrestricted use, low price and access to international content. Everything you could want from a Virtual Private Network.
  2. Small Business VPN
    They don’t just give you access to your data. They give you access to your business.
  3. Hide My Ass
    The great anonymizing service with the funny name. Try their free web proxy, or upgrade to their full-featured VPN.
  4. Cyberghost VPN
    A European VPN service that offers free accounts.
  5. Hotspot VPN
    Hotspot VPN was created as a secure solution to the fear that currently surrounds wireless computing.
  6. Pure VPN
    A secure and fast tunneling service that hides your private interactions and protects you online.
  7. DataPoint
    A VPN service that’s provided from a full-service IT support company.
  8. Golden Frog
    A secure connection that follows you when you travel and helps you minimize the online finger prints you leave behind.
  9. Strong VPN
    A great VPN at a great time, with many years of experience behind them.
  10. Anonymizer
    Twenty percent of online consumers will become the victims of a privacy breach. And Anonymizer wants to put an end to this.
  11. Always VPN
    Their service encrypts your online interactions to prevent eavesdropping, while also helping to bypass nasty filters.
  12. Black Logic
    They offer an unmetered Virtual Private Network service for only one hundred dollars per year.
  13. VPN Tunnel
    An encrypted and secure VPN service that does not store any traffic logs.
  14. Personal VPN
    A VPN service that’s designed around the needs of privacy-minded individuals.
  15. Cartish Technologies
    A small independent VPN provider, serving the state of Texas.
  16. Super VPN
    A super safe, super practical online protection service that serves the Canadian market.
  17. Tulip
    The leading data services provider in serving the Indian enterprise market. Offering many services, including Virtual Private Networks.