Top 20 SaaS Accounting and Cloud Bookkeeping Online Software Reviews

When I was in college, I supported myself by starting my own small business on the side. I still remember collecting all of my receipts and business documents in a plastic bag, and then handing everything off to my bookkeeper at the end of the year.

That was so dumb. If anything happened to that bag, my business would’ve run into some serious problems.

But that’s no longer the case today.

Today’s businesses have access to a wide array of online, electronic bookkeeping applications which make this job so much easier. Especially within the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of important advancements in technology which have made bookkeeping easier.

  • Credit card transactions can be automatically added to the books.
  • You can use a camera phone to upload a receipt.
  • You can collaborate with business partners through a single application.

Bookkeeping is so much easier now than it’s ever been before. Even if you don’t understand accounting, you can still manage your own books.

Below, I’ve compiled a list of the top 20 online bookkeeping applications that are available from a Software-as-a-Service delivery model.

  1. Zoho Books – Zoho books is the ideal accounting software for small business. Zoho books is easy to use, and lets you share and collaborate effortlessly. And since it’s part of the Zoho suite, you know it’s a great system.
  2. Outright – The automated approach to bookkeeping. It lets you say goodbye to old-fashioned accounting.
  3. Kashoo – Kashoo helps you become more organized while also saving you money on accounting fees with their collaborative, tablet-friendly accounting software.
  4. Pavintheway – Manage your entire company from this full-featured robust online accounting package.
  5. Clear Books – Time-saving online bookkeeping software that’s in use at thousands of British companies.
  6. Accounts Portal – Manage your entire business from a single handy and easy-to-use accounting system.
  7. Yendo – With a Web 2.0 approach to finance, Yendo plays nicely with mobile devices and third-party cloud services.
  8. Xero – This is an incredibly easy accounting application that makes finance a pleasure.
  9. Netsuite – Good friends of the blog. This fast-growing company offers CRM, accounting, ERP and ecommerce software… all from a single source, and all from the cloud.
  10. NolaPro – Allows you to create your own online accounting site, or rent the hosted version directly from them.
  11. Merchant’s Mirror – This is the next step in the evolution of online small business accounting software.
  12. Envision Accounting –  An online accounting suite that’s specially designed for project-driven companies. Incorporates accounting and project management into a single suite.
  13. Quickbooks Online – QuickBooks is one of the best-known and most trusted brands in accounting. And this is their hosted online product offering.
  14. Wave Accounting – Easy to use with a high degree of automation. Get your accounting out of the shoebox, and into this simple, well-organized, secure solution.
  15. Skyclerk – Skyclerk offers dead simple accounting that’s elegant, reliable and secure.
  16. Perfect Books – Spend more time focusing on your business with the help of this free, paperless and automated online bookkeeping application.
  17. Financial Force – A cloud-based financial suite that’s affiliated with SalesForce and UNIT4.
  18. Freeagent Central – A stress-free online bookkeeping service that’s used every day by thousands of companies.
  19. Less Accounting – Less Accounting believes that accounting should be easy. Why do more accounting when you can do less accounting?
  20. Intacct – Award-winning accounting software that’s used by over four thousand organizations.

Do you see one that I missed? Would you like to share your experience with one of the companies I’ve mentioned? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

23 thoughts on “Top 20 SaaS Accounting and Cloud Bookkeeping Online Software Reviews

  1. Dan

    Aplos Software is a web-based fund accounting solution for nonprofit organizations. It is designed to be simple for the non-cpa.

    Please let me know what you think.


  2. Maurice

    i found cleanbill, this i a supersimple but supercomplete cloudbased accounting app. which you can use in almost any type of company,
    their product called LITEBOOKS, is comparable but i think better them products like zoho, invoicera, clearbooks etc,

  3. Neel

    It seems like these are mostly US accounting packages? Any that are “international” or Canadian? I see a lot of language about the “IRS” on your #1 Outright …so I skipped it entirely.

    thanks – great resource.

  4. joe

    I have used a program by EasyAs for about the last 5 years and I sware by it, I have most of my business associates using it now..

    I think this is there website:

    In the time I have been using the software I have only had to contact them for help once.. They have all these short videos on there website which normally solve my questions..

  5. Mark Gubuan | Top Accounting Services

    This is a great list. I have been researching the Top Cloud Based Accounting systems and this is definitely a pretty good list. I would caution those that do end up going with one of these services, that you also still have an accountant on hand to make sure that you’re getting the right financial output you expect. This is critical to functioning properly and I would hate to see the fundamentals get lost with these easy to use systems.

  6. mohak

    i wanted a demo for all these packages moreover is there any accnt package that supports playbookor ipad

  7. Gautam Basu

    I wanted to have an accounting program for my small business , the system will be used in simple type” Tablet P.C”. If you can suggest something, please let me know your agent in Mumbai,

  8. Fernando

    I have been using Yendo Accounts for a few months and I’m very happy with it. I could customise it as I wanted and they have recently added a CRM system to it that is also very usefull.

  9. Cynthia

    I have been using Quickbboks for long time, but it seem to have certain restrictions. And, I have now switched on to Handdy Jotbook which has excelling features comparing to others.

    I think your list can be updated with Handdy Jotbook too. As it’d help most of the business.

  10. Susan

    Are these listed in order as to your favorite? You don’t give any real clues as to why one is better than another.

  11. Online Accounting

    The main advantage of online accounting software is accessibility. Even if you’re not in your store or office, you can still view what is happening in your business. This is very beneficial for business owners who frequently leave the country.

  12. B Lathrop

    Would love to know if you have looked at Monchilla and how you think it ranks compared to the others. Supposedly it has built-in payroll.

  13. Online Accounting

    Great post. Cloud accounting software is basically a way to run your small business accounts entirely online without the need for offline storage or applications. So there is no native install on your own computer and you can access your accounts from anywhere with an Internet connection.Thanks for sharing…

  14. Nikki

    I’m still in that stage of having receipts in my kitchen drawer… just sitting there waiting until tax time, until spring cleaning or until a fire comes through a destroys my only chance of itemizing deductions this year. =/
    haha, so thanks a lot for posting this list. As I grow my client list and get into really running a business, I’ll be more confident in my search.

  15. Michael Granger

    I am looking for an accounting package that will allow me to use an iPad or similar tablet device to have customers sign off on workorders while on site and email them an invoice immediately (gives the option for the customer to pay directly with a CC module attached to cellular device)
    As a communications specialist, all my work is done on customer sites and eliminating paper workorders that have to be signed, then entered into software to generate and invoice and then emailed/faxed/mailed out is counter intuitive. Not to mention having to wait potentially weeks for payment.

  16. Jeff Nevil

    My favourite cloud based accounting platform is Big Red Cloud.

    As a freelancer/sole trader I’ve found it’s definitely the simplest solution to suit my undemanding needs. It’s so easy to use and works out very cheap, especially considering you get 24/7 support included.

    Well worth checking out if your needs aren’t as complex as a multi site large scale enterprise.

  17. Gary

    I am using another SaaS Accounting and Cloud Bookkeeping Online Software called Invoiceberry

    It works for me amazingly well because they do not offer unnecessary functions that many other invoicing software do… I’ve been using invoiceberry for over a year and so far I find it very useful and convenient to have eveyrthing stored in one place.

  18. Alyssa Soto

    Wondering where is Salesforce CRM! Though Zoho books is the ideal accounting software for small business, features that they offer is limited. However, appreciate for the list created which is pretty helpful for accounting and finance specialists of SMEs.

  19. John William

    Great List Of Tools !
    I would like to suggest one more useful application capable of simple accounting and bookkeeping i.e. Invoicera. It’s an online application helps to manage the business finances and simplify the process of account receivable and management.
    Besides that, features like expense tracking, estimates, credit note management, inventory management and reporting makes this application more prominent for businesses.

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