Top 21 SaaS Payroll and Online Payroll Software Reviews

  1. PayCom – One of the fastest-growing payroll software companies. They can easily simplify complex payroll processes.
  2. IOI Pay – A national leader in outsourced HR, Payroll and Tax filing. With a handy web-based interface for both employers and employees.
  3. Einstein HR – Highly customizable online HR software, built with HR professionals in mind.
  4. Workday – Advanced payroll software, proudly delivered in the cloud.
  5. Paymate – An online payroll software provider that caters to the unique requirements of Canadians.
  6. Payroll Data – The next level in web-based payroll and HR management software.
  7. Greytip – Payroll software company with an online version. Specializes in companies with up to 30,000 employees.
  8. PayCycle – World-famous payroll software, trusted by over a million companies.
  9. Advantag SBS – Streamlined online payroll with great pricing, great service and great options.
  10. Surepayroll – Award-winning payroll software that well-recognized within the industry.
  11. Amcheck – Secure online payroll processing that caters to medium and large companies.
  12. Paylocity – A company that’s turning the world of SaaS payroll and HR on its head.
  13. Triton HR Web-based payroll software that’s good enough for Fortune 1000 companies.
  14. Simple Payroll – Gives you the power to manage and verify payroll 24 hours a day.
  15. Paycor – An online payroll company that really takes care of their clients.
  16. Patriot Software – Inexpensive payroll software that’s both accurate and fast.
  17. Perfect Software – SAS70 certified SaaS payroll software from an all-in-one online HRIS vendor.
  18. Compupay – Flexible payroll software that’s accessible online, by phone or even by fax.
  19. Epayroll – An Australian vendor of online payroll software as a service.
  20. Evetan – A fast, easy and simple online payroll system. With helpful instructional videos.
  21. WebPayroll – Painless, flexible and secure payroll software. Based out of Australia.

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  1. Alex Rock

    Asure Software had used a fairly simple to use and intuitive, but to see the difference in online task manager need to try and test the free version. In many known systems working together have free versions, for example on is implemented well. Or you can search for other systems.

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