Top 21 SaaS Payroll and Online Payroll Software Reviews

  1. PayCom – One of the fastest-growing payroll software companies. They can easily simplify complex payroll processes.
  2. IOI Pay – A national leader in outsourced HR, Payroll and Tax filing. With a handy web-based interface for both employers and employees.
  3. Einstein HR – Highly customizable online HR software, built with HR professionals in mind.
  4. Workday – Advanced payroll software, proudly delivered in the cloud.
  5. Paymate – An online payroll software provider that caters to the unique requirements of Canadians.
  6. Payroll Data – The next level in web-based payroll and HR management software.
  7. Greytip – Payroll software company with an online version. Specializes in companies with up to 30,000 employees.
  8. PayCycle – World-famous payroll software, trusted by over a million companies.
  9. Advantag SBS – Streamlined online payroll with great pricing, great service and great options.
  10. Surepayroll – Award-winning payroll software that well-recognized within the industry.
  11. Amcheck – Secure online payroll processing that caters to medium and large companies.
  12. Paylocity – A company that’s turning the world of SaaS payroll and HR on its head.
  13. Triton HR Web-based payroll software that’s good enough for Fortune 1000 companies.
  14. Simple Payroll – Gives you the power to manage and verify payroll 24 hours a day.
  15. Paycor – An online payroll company that really takes care of their clients.
  16. Patriot Software – Inexpensive payroll software that’s both accurate and fast.
  17. Perfect Software – SAS70 certified SaaS payroll software from an all-in-one online HRIS vendor.
  18. Compupay – Flexible payroll software that’s accessible online, by phone or even by fax.
  19. Epayroll – An Australian vendor of online payroll software as a service.
  20. Evetan – A fast, easy and simple online payroll system. With helpful instructional videos.
  21. WebPayroll – Painless, flexible and secure payroll software. Based out of Australia.