Zetta Launches Disaster Recovery, an Appliance-Free DRaaS Solution

cloudDRaaS launch vector

We all agree that data backup is very important and must be performed on a daily basis (in some cases continuously), but most of us don’t do it regularly. As disaster recovery (DR) moves into the cloud, users can now take advantage of the real-time technology, while achieving the cost benefits of scale.

The cloud is changing the DR and business continuity (BC) industries for the better. The growing shift to cloud computing has dramatically changed not only the way companies implement BC and DR solutions, but also the way they see the entire technology.

Are DRaaS and BC affordable? Are they really fast? Can they be implemented without an appliance? Zetta seems to have the answers to these questions. Earlier this month, Zetta — which holds a patent for its wide area network (WAN) optimization built-in solution to transfer up to 5 TB of data in 24 hours — introduced a new Disaster Recovery solution, the “first affordable DRaaS with the ability to spin up and run physical and virtual servers and applications directly from the cloud.”

Zetta highlights the functions of the new Disaster Recovery as:

Native Network Ecosystem Virtualization: Run multiple servers, applications, native network environments, and multi-platform OS in the cloud, without the need for an appliance.

Physical or Virtual: Boot physical or virtual systems on demand in the cloud via a VPN or RDP connection.

Faster Time-to-DRaaS: Rapidly transfer DRaaS-ready server images to the cloud with built-in patented WAN optimization technologies.

Quarterly DR Testing: Spin up and test systems quarterly and receive reports to ensure disaster-readiness.

Data Recovery-as-a-Service: Replicate native file system and map as a local drive in the cloud to recover individual files or entire server images.

Affordable Pricing: Spend a fraction of the price of SunGard Availability Services and IBM Global Services.

“Traditionally, disaster recovery has been an expensive and complex process that required an appliance or significant professional services to assure minimal downtime is experienced during an unexpected event. Zetta is delivering a cost-effective DR-as-a-Service solution that delivers a virtualized native network environment in the cloud without the need for an appliance. As a result, enterprises and MSPs can continue working following a significant disaster with minimal interruption,” said Liz Conner, research manager, Storage Systems, IDC.

Advantages of the new Zetta Disaster Recovery solution include:

  • Appliance free, with no new local hardware needed
  • Spin up one or multiple servers in the cloud instantly
  • Minimal downtime and minimal interrupted workflow
  • Fast to deploy — spin up fully-functional servers in the cloud
  • After spin ups, ability to run in native network environment
  • Inexpensive — costs a fraction of similar solutions
  • Supports both physical and virtual servers by backing up at OS level

“The current DRaaS approaches include data recovery of files, appliance-based recovery-as-a-service, virtual-only DRaaS, and traditional DRaaS that is only affordable for larger enterprises. These approaches don’t give most businesses true DRaaS to keep their entire business operational after a disaster. With our new Disaster Recovery solution, disaster-stricken customers can virtualize their native network environment in the cloud, keeping business running without breaking the bank,” said Chris Schin, vice-president of products at Zetta.

The key differentiating feature of Zetta is that it is appliance free and WAN optimized. It is designed to quickly move large data sets over the Internet. Although the availability of cheaper bandwidth has held companies back from fully adopting DR and BC in the cloud, it’s becoming clear that we are starting to see a huge shift toward embracing and adopting cloud services.

It’s true that most data-loss incidents are minor, maybe involving a file or two and perhaps one or two directories. However, serious disasters come in many forms —fires, hurricanes, tornados, floods, or terrorist attacks. If they are well prepared, companies should be able to continue business as usual after a disaster strikes. Zetta’s sans-appliance, multi OS solution, which supports Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, can get them up and running in a few hours, minimizing business interruption.

Although it might take weeks or months to fully recover from a serious disaster, a well planned and executed DR can normalize operations quickly before the company’s bottom line is affected.